Body and Soul Transformation Private Mentoring Program

Making changes in your health can feel exciting, scary and overwhelming – all at the same time.

Whether it’s learning how to read food labels, getting comfortable or re-inspired in the kitchen, learning how to navigate food allergies and/or sensitivities, staying healthy on the go, working through cravings, feeling motivated, knowing how to set your priorities – and what to do when willpower runs out.

That’s where private coaching and mentorship comes in.

My Body and Soul Transformation program is designed to support you fully in your wellness journey – from those small, first steps – to the giant leaps you’ll be taking. It’s like having an accountability partner, cheerleader, mentor and coach – all in one.


The Body and Soul Transformation Private Coaching Program is completely customized to YOU, your unique biochemistry, your current health status and your goals – and is available for 3-6 months.

Using a combination of holistic/functional nutrition and health coaching + personalized 1:1 lifestyle coaching, we clarify your short and long term goals and the daily/weekly/monthly steps for you to create deep, lasting transformation in your health and life.

We’ll cover topics such as figuring out the best way of eating for you, optimizing your sleep and cultivating healthy sleep habits, how stress impacts your health — and what you can do about it, navigating cravings and PMS symptoms and what they could be telling you about your health, getting comfortable in the kitchen and/or getting re-inspired to cook, meal planning and so much more.

We’ll also talk about mindset, procrastination, setting yourself up for success, how to navigate unsupportive people and naysayers, establishing healthy boundaries and staying healthy on the go and during times of stress.


Service Features

Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions

Two 40-minute private coaching sessions per month, scheduled every other week.

During each coaching session, we review your current health status and discuss your diet, sleep, exercise, stress levels and stress management, etc. We then discuss personalized action steps to help you look and feel better in your body. Discussions may also include clearing negative patterns, establishing healthy boundaries, addressing procrastination, effective time management and setting priorities, etc.

Coaching sessions are highly personalized and build on previous sessions.

Monthly group coaching & private FB group

Get additional support and accountability and connect with like-minded peers via a monthly group coaching call and private FB group.

Monthly wellness basket shipped to you

It can feel overwhelming making lifestyle changes. To support you in your wellness journey, you’ll receive a monthly wellness basket hand curated by Frances, based on your action steps and where you are in your health journey. Items can vary from high quality supplements, food products, beauty and personal care products, books and more – shipped to you as part of your private mentoring program with Frances.


VIP email support

As a private client, you have my absolute support throughout the entire program duration. I am happy to provide VIP email support to you, to answer questions you may have outside of our coaching sessions. This may include reviewing ingredient lists on a product, recipe suggestions, etc.

Meeting Frances, and working with her throughout the past 5 months has been a truly life-changing experience. I have learned that my focus should not just be about losing weight but choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. Frances guided me step by step on how to go about choosing food that my body digests well, doing exercise that increases my energy level and applying these tools to bring about permanent results. With this new approach, I’ve experienced immediate clarifying skin, improvement in my digestion and energy levels. And these results made me feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I am most grateful that I’ve become a woman who appreciates her body and knows how to take care of herself both physically and emotionally

M, female, age 29, NYC

Before I started working with Frances, I was always tired and had severe stomach issues.  I didn’t enjoy cooking or eating, and was frustrated and bored with food.

Working with Frances, I learned great relaxation activities and developed my own love for learning more about meditation.  As a result, I was able to cope better with stress and have taken a liking to observe more of the brighter sides of life and nature.  I have also been able to stick to a healthier breakfast routine, being it is so important to do this and sustain the right amount of energy throughout the day.  Eventually I had the stamina and motivation to start exercising.  Even my digestion improved!  With Frances’ support, I started cooking and can say that I enjoy food again.

I now have the knowledge and know-how to make better selections and never seem to run out of ideas for my food choices.  Frances brought all she had to the table when working with me and it has made all the difference in being effective.

Allen C. Raia

Investment begins at $397/month.

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