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A little while ago, a new client and I were speaking and she asked me this question:
How long does it really take to heal/see results?
Her symptoms: brain fog, bloated belly, 10 pound weight gain over the past year despite no major changes in diet or exercise, skin breaking out…
She felt like she had tried everything and done everything right: working out 4-5 days/week, eating reasonably well, blood work within normal range, meditating…
But somehow things just weren’t adding up.
And understandably, she was frustrated that she wasn’t seeing the results that she desired – and expected to have by now.
When we looked deeper, there were a few things that she always thought was no big deal, even normal, and that had been overlooked previously:
  • Sleep – she was very sleep deprived, dealing with insomnia and averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep/night
  • Cravings – despite eating reasonably well, she frequently had uncontrollable sugar cravings
  • History of hormonal imbalance – irregular/painful periods, PMS symptoms, acne: things she attributed to “bad genes”
After uncovering these breakthrough aha’s, we cut through all the generic recommendations and adopted a more personalized approach.
We got curious about her symptoms and looked at both the big picture of what was going on in her health and life, connecting all the dots, and the small details, such as her typical sleep and wake up times, food intake, digestion, energy levels, etc.
Within 2 weeks, she was sleeping much, much better – no more insomnia, getting 7-8 hours of restful sleep/night.
She no longer had intense sweet cravings – and when she did, she had healthier options already stocked in her kitchen pantry and at work.
She lost 5 pounds in 2.5 weeks and felt less bloated – without feeling like she was on a diet and feeling deprived.
So, back to her question:
When I work with clients, I like to work on 30 day goals and a 3-6 month vision together.
The 30 day game plan focuses to address your #1 health concern or goal by breaking it down into manageable action steps. By being super focused, it eliminates overwhelm and accelerates results, giving you more incentive to keep going and know that what you’re doing is on the right path.
The 3-6 month vision focuses to create the healthy lifestyle you need to sustain your results, to develop the healthy habits and mindset that are in alignment with WHO you want to be. 
Health is not an end result – it’s a dynamic relationship that you have with your body, mind and spirit – including the choices that you make every day, the food you eat, the thoughts that you think.
It’s also important to be gentle with yourself and remember that results are not a linear process. As you go through different phases in your life, your health needs will change. Sometimes you’ll need a complete overhaul of what you’ve been doing, and other times you’ll need some simple tweaks here and there.
That’s why it’s so important to work with a health professional who understands the process and can support you through it.
I have 3 spots available for private coaching this month. If you’ve been curious about working with me, hit reply and let’s set up a time to chat and decide if working together would be a good fit.
You can also go here to read testimonials from past clients and get an idea of the kind of results you can expect from working together.
I look forward to connecting.

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