One question I often get from clients is what is the best way of eating/what diet do I recommend?
You may have heard the vegetarian point of view that meat rots in the intestines and is difficult for the body to break down, and contributes to heart disease and cancer…
And you may have heard of meat eaters saying certain vitamins like B12 can only be obtained from animal sources…
The answer is a bit complicated, and it really depends.
Here are 3 things to consider when it comes to knowing what way of eating is best for your body, as well as how to optimize your diet if you’re already eating a certain way:
1. Get in tune with which foods work best for your body – and which don’t.
Diet labels aside and regardless of which way of eating you follow, it’s important to listen to your body. Just because something is healthy by nutrient value and density doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you.
For example, I’ve worked with clients who are allergic to avocados, and people who don’t do well with digesting cruciferous veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts – all foods that are considered nutrient dense and super healthy.
Some clients feel sluggish and experience indigestion after eating meat – even though their friends and co-workers feel amazing going low carb or paleo.
Sometimes these symptoms points to a lack of proper enzymes, low stomach acid, food sensitivity, malabsorption or leaky gut, and we then work on healing the body.
The best way to know which foods work best for your unique biochemistry is to keep a food journal, do an elimination diet (where you remove the top, common allergenic foods from your body for a period of time and then gradually re-introduce them to see how your body tolerates the food) and work with an experienced health professional as needed – I teach you how to navigate this in my new 21 Day Spring Reset Program.
2. Heal/take care of your gut.
To an extent, it doesn’t matter what foods you eat if you’re not properly digesting, absorbing and eliminating.
Some signs that your gut health may be compromised include bloating/indigestion after eating, constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, headaches, chronic bad breath, brain fog, autoimmune health conditions. ***Note that it’s not always directly related to digestion.***
While doing a food elimination diet is one very important step in healing the gut, it’s also important to take further steps to restore gut health. Otherwise you can wind up going on a very restricted diet with limited relief of symptoms, or relief of symptoms but still not feeling your best.
In my new 21 Day Spring Reset course, you’ll learn ways to heal and take care of your gut so you can start feeling and looking better in your body, including improved digestion, decreased belly bloat, increased energy, losing weight with more ease and naturally strengthening your immune system – through diet, supplements if needed, understanding basic biochemistry, lifestyle changes and self care practices.
3. Eat seasonally.
The optimal way of eating for you will change over time: seasonally, yearly, as you age, as your health changes, etc.
In the winter, for example, you may find yourself craving more meats or oily/fatty/comfort foods, and starchy foods like sweet potatoes and squashes – foods that are slower burning and help keep you warm, conserve your energy and keep you more grounded during the colder months.
In the spring/summer months, your body most likely craves more cooling foods, like raw or lightly cooked veggies, fruits, etc. – all foods that are in abundance this time of year.
When you eat in tune with the seasons and in tune with other factors, you’ll start to notice how your food preferences and cravings naturally change over time, and how an optimal diet is not a fixed formula.
My new 21 Day Spring Reset program is a self paced course that supports you in making the transition to seasonal eating in alignment with the Spring season, heal/optimize your digestion, support your body’s natural detoxification pathways and nourish your body/mind/spirit so you can:
  • have more energy naturally, without relying on caffeine
  • feel lighter/lose weight with more ease
  • improve digestion
  • have clearer skin
  • have a better understanding of the food/mood, gut/brain connection
  • avoid/reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies
  • decrease belly bloat
  • feel good in your body
Options for vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, paleo, etc.
Interestingly, many of my clients discover that what truly nourishes their body is not what they thought it would be: many switch from eating meat regularly to eating more plant based, and I also have clients who were vegetarian who realized a lot of the vegetarian staples they relied on didn’t really work for their body and started incorporating some animal products into their diet.
***Warning: this is not one of those programs where you don’t eat, drink lots of shakes and take lots of supplements, and sit on the toilet all day long***
  • Using the elimination diet as a baseline (eliminating the top allergenic foods – including dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, etc. – don’t worry, there’s plenty of yummy, nourishing foods you can still eat!) and then gradually re-introducing them to see which foods make you feel great – and which don’t
  • Go deeper than food elimination and heal/optimize your digestion: so crucial for reducing/eliminating bloating and discomfort after eating, strengthening your immune system, increasing energy, etc.
  • Support your body’s natural detoxification pathways for better overall health, including the liver and skin
  • Tools to take care of yourself: emotionally, physically, spiritually
21 Day Spring Reset Program – super special pricing through April 12th: $97 – goes up to $147 after
(Course materials will be released beginning on April 14th)
What you’ll get:
– Program manual with food shopping lists and eating guidelines, recipes, cheat sheets, supplement recommendations, lifestyle protocols, etc. – to go at your own pace
– One 30 minute private phone coaching session with Frances
– Special Facebook group for extra support and accountability
Fast action bonus (only 5 available):
– 30 days of VIP unlimited email access to Frances
– DIY recipes for making your own non toxic deodorant, body scrubs and more!
Go here to sign up – I can’t wait to welcome you to the course!

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