Health Consultation Deep Dive

When was the last time you felt truly understood and listened to when it comes to your health?

  • Have you ever wondered why you have trouble sleeping at night, even though you feel exhausted during the day?
  • Or why your best friend does awesome on a vegetarian diet, but you start losing your hair and feeling weak if you go veg for more than a week?
  • Do you wish you had someone to talk to about cravings for fast food and/or sugar, without feeling judged?
  • Are you confused about whether you should prioritize exercise, or sleep, or nutrition in order to lose that belly pouch – as someone with limited time and no energy?


During the health consultation deep dive, we will look at the whole you – both big picture and small details – to get a comprehensive and complete understanding of where you currently are with your health and life. Whether it’s regarding what you eat, how you eat, your sleep habits and how much sleep you really get, exercise, your digestion and bowel movements, how fulfilled you feel and more – all these things are interconnected. It’s your opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, connect the dots, and feel really heard when it comes to your health and how you feel.


How it works: Prior to the health consultation deep dive, you will complete a comprehensive detailed health history questionnaire and submit at least 3 days of food/liquid/sleep/lifestyle form. We will then schedule a 45 minute phone or Skype session and review your current health status, discuss what you really desire for your health and life, explore what’s been working/what’s not working, and come up with a customized action plan for you to start looking and feeling better – body, mind and spirit.

Investment in your health: $77  only $57.75 if you sign up by December 9th, 2017 (first time clients only)

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