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I’m a 36 year old fast paced New Yorker working in finance and writing this testimonial a little over a year after I started working with Frances. It’s been one of the most enriching experiences of my life and I wanted to share it with anyone thinking about working with her.

I was wandering through life relying on takeout, caffeine for energy and hitting the snooze button 2-3 times a morning. My weight had spun out of control, reaching a new high of 276 pounds. My total cholesterol was 235. I started to seek out a nutritionist after a particularly stern lecture from my doctor. I wanted to exercise, but the pain in my joints kept shutting me down. I was kind of lost.

In the past I had success with juice cleanses, but it was always brief because a juice cleanse leaves you feeling great but doesn’t leave you with the tools and knowledge you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle year round. I always had the willpower to improve but not the knowledge. There is so much information online and much of it conflicts. I wanted to work with someone who can set me straight.

I signed up for Frances’ Body and Soul Transformation program and got everything I was looking for and more. A good nutrition program is more than a diet. It evokes a lot of changes. Sometimes I would need to talk with Frances about what I was eating, sometimes I would need to talk to her about how all these changes were affecting my personal life. She was as good a life coach as she was a nutritionist.

By the end of the program, I had lost weight, cooking delicious foods, exercising, had more energy, was no longer dependent on caffeine and was waking up refreshed to the sound of birds chirping rather than the abrupt noise of my alarm clock. My recent trip to the doctor for my annual checkup was infinitely more joyous! I lost over 30 pounds gradually and continue to trend downward, and my cholesterol levels are no longer a concern.

The most important thing, though, is that I learned how to maintain and continue this myself. Any time I deviate or lose focus (like during the holidays or a real busy season at work) I have the tools to rebalance. I hired Frances to teach me, and I now have the confidence to do this on my own (and I know if I don’t, I can always reach out to Frances because I’ll always be her client).

Every time I’ve needed to reach out to her, she’s been there with new advice. The program ended, but the process she helped me undertake is still ongoing. I’m extremely grateful to her for helping me, and very happy to testify that she is not only a great nutritionist, but a wonderful person who cares deeply about her clients and will give you whatever you need to succeed.

Michael Kitlinski


I have always considered myself to be a relatively healthy person.  However, in the last couple of years I started traveling more for work, and found myself taking less time to focus on my well-being. As a result, I picked up some unhealthy habits, and experienced weight-gain, a lack of energy, and issues with digestion. 

I came to Frances, wanting to dedicate time to become focused on taking care of myself despite my busy schedule.  Although, I initiated working with Frances, I walked into it pretty skeptical due my concerns around really being able to make change. I knew that I no longer cooked often, that I had an unpredictable schedule and that I haven’t always so great at making sudden changes.  I talked to Frances about my concerns, and she recognized that my concerns were normal.

Throughout the program, that was the value that Frances brought- she helped me realize that all of the changes, fears and doubts that I had were, in fact, normal.  At the same time, she helped me focus on what made sense for me.  Her guidance helped find ways to get back to finding habits that worked for my lifestyle and my body.  I discovered that I did actually have time to cook for myself, and ensure that I was eating healthy foods.  I also learned a lot about my body and what made me feel good.  In time, I started to focus more on what I was eating (things that made me feel great!) rather than what I was not eating.  I am still on my journey to being where I want to be long term, but the changes that I have experienced are only encouraging.

Frances’ dedication to her clients is incredible and she is really inspiring.  She really helped me to learn more about my body, habits and focus than I have in a really long time.  I am having fewer headaches, decreased issues with digestion and increased energy. I am feeling a lot healthier and credit Frances for helping me get there.

Alma Mends


Before I worked with Frances, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve struggled with food issues for many years. Even though I lost over 100 pounds 14 years ago, I continued to yo-yo up and down a little and had some serious concerns about food ~ mainly keeping it in my house because I was afraid I would overeat.

Instead of doing a detox program, I wanted to do something different. At first, I had no idea what that was. Over a couple of weeks, though, Frances helped talk me through some of the roots of my issues and we finally broke through to the real struggles.

My main problems dealt with having food around and preparing it. I had been so worried about over-eating for so long that I generally only had enough for in the house for a day or two. I spent a lot of time and energy going to the grocery store (pretty much every single day), and preparing what I would eat for that day. It was rare to have any leftovers ~ if I did, they went to my husband to take to work.

By the end of my first month working with Frances, I went to the grocery store and bought enough food to last for two whole weeks. And it did!

Now I have a lot more free time because I can shop one day a week (or even every other week) and prepare food for several days at a time. All of the time I used to spend worrying about food is now put to good use. In fact, ever since working with Frances, my business has been on fire! 

I feel like I have 3 extra hours to get things done every day. Since we’ve worked together, I’ve hosted a successful TeleSummit, released a book and video workshop series, hosted numerous workshops, led my own groups, and felt confident enough to start doing speaking engagements. I’m even being flown out to speak at a conference this Spring – all expenses paid!

I’m very thankful for the work that I did with Frances. Her work is about way more than just food. You’ll walk away with a newfound sense of freedom and peace with food and your body, and greater alignment with meaning and purpose in your life.


Amethyst Mahoney

Before working with Frances, my main concern was losing some weight I had gained recently in reaction to a lot of emotional issues. For the first time in my life I was drinking a lot, to basically numb how I felt, and eating more to balance the alcohol. But it’s like emerging from a fog and not recognizing myself, as it’s the heaviest I had ever been. Being a performer, it’s especially important for me to look and feel my best.

I decided to sign up for Frances’ 4 week Jumpstart Program to get myself back on track, eating well and specifically, I wanted to lose 10 pounds, and figure out if I was sensitive to gluten and/or other foods that I suspected may be affecting my health. I also realized, with my pending birthday coming up, that I could no longer get away with certain things I did when I was younger, like eating poorly and being able to bounce back. I couldn’t envision myself continuing down that track, and it was time to do something about it.

Working with Frances, I was able to lose 10 pounds within 4 weeks, but not only that, I realized that my body is sensitive to foods like gluten and dairy – foods that I love and eat on a regular basis! Although it was difficult at first, Frances helped me to make it easy. I discovered so many other foods that I love and enjoy, and that make me feel great! I almost can’t believe how easy it was, but my belly bloat has greatly decreased (I no longer look like I’m pregnant!), my acid reflux symptoms have practically disappeared, and even my nasal congestion is almost all gone! I celebrated by buying some new clothes. Others have commented on my luminescent glow and I feel beautiful – inside and out.

The cleanse has solidified my decision not to eat gluten and more incredibly, it has sparked a newfound interest in cooking, as it is hard to control what I put into my body without at least making certain things at home. This is huge for me, because I love eating out and cooking was not even a goal I was initially considering.

I’m just really excited and take for granted how EASY it is to stay away from most of the foods that bother me. I can’t see my food habits ever reverting back to the way they used to be!

I also realized that I was using food, alcohol and caffeine as stimulants to give me a rush. Doing the cleanse helped me to slow down a bit and think of other ways I can get this same rush, without using food.



Melissa Guttman

Performer, NYC,

I must admit that I was close to desperation by the time I met Frances.  I had lost interest in preparing meals, had lost my appetite (but lived on coffee and candy bars for energy), had come to the point of hating grocery shopping, and my sleep pattern was a tiring cycle of two hours sleep-one hour awake-fifteen minutes sleep-ten minutes awake, which, of course, had me anxious about being tired on the job. You get the picture…

I had to find a life sustaining way to resolve these issues.  When I met Frances, she asked me, “What do you really want?”  That is a small question, but the answer is BIG… I trusted Frances because all the questions she asked me went to the heart of what I wanted for myself (but which I had not before managed to spell out to myself).  Those questions always led me to solutions to help me achieve my goals.

It took several weeks before I had definitive physical results, and I looked at that as a good sign because, in the past, I had lost excess fat “in a flash,” and gained it all back and more even faster.  Now, my progress is slow, steady and healthy.

I prepare and eat three meals per day now, and it’s great to feel hungry! Then I know it’s time to eat.  In the past, my metabolism had slowed down to the point where I never felt hungry and my body was holding on to excess fat.  Now my health is very good and still improving (I got compliments from my doctor at my check-up two weeks ago).  I’ve been able to lose 21 pounds so far, my cholesterol is now in a healthy range, I sleep really well at night and even wake up before my alarm clock, I alternate my exercise routines each day and feel great doing so.

Thank you, Frances, for being such a great catalyst for healthy living!

Corinthia Bernard

I started working with Frances at the recommendation of my personal trainer. I had gained some weight and was feeling lethargic and was horrified to learn that my body fat percentage was dangerously high. My trainer recommended that in addition to working out, I would need to change my eating habits in order to reach my health goals. I have never been good about eating healthy – I had a very fast metabolism as a child and never had to watch what I ate until I reached my 30s – but I decided to work with Frances because my body fat was scaring me.

Frances made healthy eating feel a lot less daunting and was understanding about my reluctance to give up certain foods. She taught me what to eat and what to cut out of my diet and explained the reasons thoroughly, so that I would understand and be motivated to make sometimes difficult lifestyle changes. She also made one-step-at-a-time suggestions for how I could ease into healthy eating, rather than expecting me to do a 180-degree change overnight. She started by getting me to eat breakfast every day (I’m religious about this now, whereas I used to skip breakfast all the time!) and to make a few simple food substitutions.

I tried her suggestions and felt (and looked!) so much better… Frances gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence to choose foods that are best for my body – and she made it easy, over time, to implement some big changes that I never thought I’d have the willpower to make. 

The best part: I have been able to reduce my body fat, reduce belly bloat, and even lost some weight in the process!


Losing weight before meeting Frances was frustrating and draining. I tried almost every diet out there. Over the course of repeating these unhealthy diets, I started to struggle with indigestion, feeling fatigue, having low- energy and low self-esteem. Then I finally came to the realization that it was time to get some help from an expert who can help me to find permanent solutions to my nagging health concerns.

Meeting Frances, and working with her throughout the past 5 months has been a truly life-changing experience. I have learned that my focus should not just be about losing weight but choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. Frances guided me step by step on how to go about choosing food that my body digests well, doing exercise that increases my energy level and applying these tools to bring about permanent results. With this new approach, I’ve experienced immediate clarifying skin, improvement in my digestion and energy levels. And these results made me feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I am most grateful that I’ve become a woman who appreciates her body and knows how to take care of herself both physically and emotionally. 

Frances is truly passionate about her career as a health & life style coach. Her diligence and consistent communication skills will bring out the best in anyone who chooses to work with her. I am grateful that Frances guided me to focus on not only short-term goals but also long-term goals that brought permanent results. I would recommend Frances to anyone who is ready and willing to find a healthy life style that they have always wanted and dreamed of.

M, female, age 29, NYC

Prior to working with Frances, I used to eat pizza hut, take-out Chinese food, sodas, and juice pretty regularly. I was also really worried about my high blood glucose levels and the possibility of getting diabetes. I knew I had to eat better, but wasn’t sure how.
Frances really opened my eyes to new ways of eating. I now love to eat foods like swiss chard (a spinach-like green), brown rice, and I even make my own yogurt using plain Greek yogurt, instead of buying the pre-packaged, sugary ones I used to buy. Not only does Frances teach about food consumption, she emphasizes total body wellness – such as exercise, sleep, stress management, getting fresh air, and how these are all inter-connected to my health and well-being. The result: my glucose levels have been within normal range for the past 1.5 years!
Donald Sawyer, NYC

Before I started working with Frances, I’d drink coffee just about every day, would feel sluggish without knowing why, would wolf down my meals, and didn’t think certain foods were better for me than others.

Not long after we were working together, I felt many positive changes occurring in my body.  Frances helped me realize how much sugar I’m putting in my body, and educated me significantly about how to best read the labels for the list of ingredients, avoiding artificial food additives.  I found myself with more energy, less of a need for caffeine, and a taste for food I never thought I’d enjoy!

Jonathan Simon

Before I started working with Frances, I was always tired and had severe stomach issues.  I didn’t enjoy cooking or eating, and was frustrated and bored with food.

Working with Frances, I learned great relaxation activities and developed my own love for learning more about meditation.  As a result, I was able to cope better with stress and have taken a liking to observe more of the brighter sides of life and nature.  I have also been able to stick to a healthier breakfast routine, being it is so important to do this and sustain the right amount of energy throughout the day.  Eventually I had the stamina and motivation to start exercising.  Even my digestion improved!  With Frances’ support, I started cooking and can say that I enjoy food again.

I now have the knowledge and know-how to make better selections and never seem to run out of ideas for my food choices.  Frances brought all she had to the table when working with me and it has made all the difference in being effective.

Allen C. Raia

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