I’m Frances Cheung, a mother to 2 girls (ages 1.5 and 5), wife, sister, daughter – and a Health and Lifestyle Expert. I help men and women transform their health and create a fulfilling life on their own terms.



My passion for health and nutrition started as a blessing in disguise with my own healing journey, when I began experiencing symptoms of illness in my early-mid 20’s that started to interfere with daily life  – persistent nausea, rapid weight gain followed by rapid weight loss, digestive distress, extreme fatigue, mood swings, depression, panic attacks…

At the time, I had  been working for a few years in the corporate and non-profit sectors, struggling to keep up with work deadlines, partying on the weekends, and giving up sleep.  I worked myself to the bone and ate poorly, skipping meals often and downing up to 3-4 cups of coffee a day.  Despite experiencing symptoms of illness, I didn’t think much of it and only pushed myself harder.

It wasn’t until my illness began to catch up with me – being too tired to go out on the weekends, getting sick too frequently, struggling to get out of bed in the mornings and almost getting fired at work for repeatedly showing up late – that I started to seek answers and take better care of myself.

Bouts of medication and antibiotics temporarily helped, but my symptoms would always return, and progressively got worse each time.  After my fourth prescription refill and the old “see you in 6 months,”, I knew deep down that something bigger needed to shift.

Eventually, my symptoms allowed me to gain awareness of the connections between diet, lifestyle and health. Through working with an integrative medicine doctor and my own health coach, I learned to transitioning from my junk food vegetarian diet that was high in refined carbs, sugar and dairy, to one that emphasized whole, unprocessed foods, and began experiencing a dramatic improvement in my health, saying good bye to mood swings, PMS symptoms, anxiety, chronic fatigue, high and low energy that was all over the place and never consistent, and digestive upsets.

As my body healed, my weight also evened out.  I no longer fluctuated between being chubby or overly thin and stabilized at a healthy weight for me – without ever feeling like I was on a diet, and the best part was that I felt great!  I was so much more energized, my hair became thick and shiny, my skin cleared up (no more acne or eczema!), and I developed a strong curiosity and passion for nutrition, spiritual-mental-physical health, and well-being.

This passion eventually led me to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, where I became certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Over the years, I continued my education by studying a Masters in Holistic Nutrition program at Hawthorn University, women’s health program with Alisa Vitti of FloLiving, and a Full Body Systems certificate program with functional nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama.

My approach to wellness combines nutrition counseling with lifestyle coaching.

I now know that true healing takes place on multiple levels, and that while food plays an integral part in our wellness, it is by holistically addressing those other factors that nourish our soul, including relationships, career and spirituality, are we able to achieve optimal, well-rounded health.

Clients consistently report that the information I share is easy to implement and have become an everyday part of their lifestyle.  They feel confident in their food choices and are so much more calm around food and eating – no longer worrying about indigestion, feeling deprived of delicious foods, or going hungry.  They have the energy to do all those things they’ve been putting off – exercise, socialize, go on vacations – and their moods, focus and stamina have greatly increased, allowing them to get more done in less time and with less effort.

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