Transform your health and create a fulfilling life on your own terms

I’m here to help you:

  • Increase your energy naturally
  • Wake up feeling refreshed, instead of exhausted
  • Resolve digestive pain and discomfort
  • Feel happy and confident in your own skin
  • Put yourself at the top of your own priority list
  • Listen to your body and learn how to eat intuitively
  • Age gracefully and nourish yourself: body, mind and spirit
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Health consultation deep dive

When was the last time you sat down with someone and really felt listened to about your health? During the health consultation deep dive, we will review your current health status, discuss what you really desire for your health and life, explore what's been working/what's not working, and come up with a customized action plan for you to start looking and feeling better - body, mind and spirit.

6 Week Heal Your Gut Program

The health of your gut is vitally important when it comes to your overall health: whether your concern is low energy, immune function, bloating, allergies, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, etc. In this 6 week program, you will figure out possible triggers contributing to your symptoms, introduce gut healing protocols and start feeling better in your body.

Body and Soul Transformation Private Coaching Program

Private coaching and mentorship to support you in taking those small, first steps and big, massive leaps in your wellness journey. From getting to know your body's unique biochemistry, learning how to eat intuitively for your health, setting up daily/weekly/monthly rituals and routines for success - all in the context of your busy lifestyle.

What People Are Saying

A good nutrition program is more than a diet. It evokes a lot of changes. Sometimes I would need to talk with Frances about what I was eating, sometimes I would need to talk to her about how all these changes were affecting my personal life. She was as good a life coach as she was a nutritionist. By the end of the program, I had lost weight, cooking delicious foods, exercising, had more energy, was no longer dependent on caffeine and was waking up refreshed to the sound of birds chirping rather than the abrupt noise of my alarm clock. My recent trip to the doctor for my annual checkup was infinitely more joyous! I lost over 30 pounds gradually and continue to trend downward, and my cholesterol levels are no longer a concern. Michael Kitlinski


I prepare and eat three meals per day now, and it’s great to feel hungry! Then I know it’s time to eat.  In the past, my metabolism had slowed down to the point where I never felt hungry and my body was holding on to excess fat.  Now my health is very good and still improving (I got compliments from my doctor at my check-up two weeks ago).  I’ve been able to lose 21 pounds so far, my cholesterol is now in a healthy range, I sleep really well at night and even wake up before my alarm clock, I alternate my exercise routines each day and feel great doing so. Corinthia Bernard



Feeling Burned Out? 5 Steps To Start Feeling Better

My oldest daughter started Kindergarten this month. Seriously, where does the time go??     It's been a pretty busy and stressful month so far. Lots of changes. Lots to do. Upping the self-care big-time.     If you're the kind of person who tries...

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Taking Care of Your Health After 35

If you're 35 and older, you may relate to the following concerns that many of my clients have: Metabolism slowing down, feeling more tired and winded more easily Impaired digestion - food sensitivities, bloating, belching, discomfort after eating  Hormonal imbalance:...

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How long does it really take to heal/see results?

A little while ago, a new client and I were speaking and she asked me this question: How long does it really take to heal/see results? Her symptoms: brain fog, bloated belly, 10 pound weight gain over the past year despite no major changes in diet or exercise, skin...

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Paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian or…?

One question I often get from clients is what is the best way of eating/what diet do I recommend? You may have heard the vegetarian point of view that meat rots in the intestines and is difficult for the body to break down, and contributes to heart disease and...

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